Why you should choose an eFoil?

  • Effortless Flight: With electric foils, you can effortlessly glide above the water, experiencing a truly remarkable feeling of flight. The electric propulsion systems provide smooth, silent power, allowing you to effortlessly carve through the water without the need for waves or wind.
  • Accessible for All: Electric foils make the excitement of foilboarding accessible to people of various skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned water sports enthusiast or a beginner, efoils offer a user-friendly and stable platform that is easy to learn and control, making it suitable for riders of all ages and abilities.
  • Versatility: Electric foils open up a world of possibilities for exploration and adventure. From cruising along tranquil lakes to riding ocean swells, efoils provide versatility in various water conditions. They also offer adjustable speed and performance settings, allowing riders to customize their experience based on their skill level and preferences.

How to Choose an eFoil? Tips for buying an eFoil:

- Price: As a high price taged product, we see all these brands are placed them from 9000-12000 range. The difference are not too big, but considering the maintainance fee in the future or in case of any spare part needed, the real difference might be bigger.

- Cruising time: If you go out for efoiling with friends, you won't like the battery will only last for 50min or 60min. The longer it lasts, the better, after all each full-charge will take around 2 hours anyhow. From this perspective, WaveShark is no doubt the WINNER.

- Weight: We can also put it in an other word: "portability". If it's too heavy, carrying will be not pleasant. Overall, if the battery and the board weighs less than 20kg respectively, it's still managable for most of people.

- Size: it's directly connected with the volume of the board. if two boards have same volume, naturally the smaller size the better. As you rides better and better, you will definitely like to have smaller board which will give you more manuerability.

- Noise level: The quieter the motor is, the better feeling you will have. Nobody wants to have a noise motor on the water. 

- Friendliness to beginners: It's all about the stability and how easy for a beginner to start standing up and foiling after a short time. 


 What are their advantages and disadvantages?

 Item Fliteboard WaveShark Foil 2 Explorer Liftfoils Explorer Aerofoils Remarks
Size (cm) 5'8'' (173cm) 5'6'' (170cm) 5'9'' (180cm) 5'8'' (176cm)
Material - Board Carbon with Fibre glass Pure Carbon Carbon with Fibre glass Carbon with Fibre glass
Material - Mast Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium with Carbon Aluminium
Volume 100 litres 107 litres 105 litres 103 litres
Total Weight (Battery) 36.5kg (18kg) 32kg
Cruising Time 100min 180min (Cruiser Wing) 90min 120min
Top Speed 50km/h 45km/h 50km/h
Noise Level A A A+ A
Friendliness to Beginners Good Good Good Good
Packaging Bags  Bags with Wheels
Service & Support EU Local Setup EU Local Setup Service from US EU Local Setup
Retail Price excl. VAT and Shipping 10600 9990 11300 12500



WaveShark eFoil 2 Explorer

Perfect size and volume for all level private riders, ideal choice for rentals
Longest riding time in the world

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WaveShark eFoil 2 Sport

For pro and freestyle riders with lighter weight, combining an extended riding time with exceptional stability and agility for an unparalleled hydrofoil experience

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