WaveShark Foil 2 Explorer


Unique Selling Points:

  • Longest Ride Time In The Industry, Up To 180 Minutes*
  • Modular Design, Easy to Assemble and Maintain
  • 100% Pure Carbon Fibre with Best Durability
  • Beautiful and Stylish Streamer Tail Light Design
  • Reliable Battery System with Total Operational Safety with "3-5-8  Pattern"


Key Features

Top Speed: 45km/h [1]

Riding time:  max 180 min [2]

Volume: 100 litre

Size: 5.6 feet (168 x 67cm) 

Weight: 18 kg (without battery)

Battery Weight: 18.5 kg 

Max Load: 100kg(220lbs)

Battery Capacity: 2.6kWh/52.8Ah 


 1. The top speed of 45km/h was achieved with a Sport wing (S011), a fully-charged new battery, a skilled rider weighing 60kg, under calm and windless water conditions with a temperature of 25℃. Please take note of safety while riding.

2. The maximum riding time of 180 minutes was achieved with a Cruiser Wing (C018), a fully-charged new battery, a skilled rider weighing 60kg, maintaining a constant speed of 16km/h until the battery level reached 0% under calm and windless water conditions. This data is for reference only.

 The efoil with two sizes of wings, Explorer and Sport, offers versatile performance options for riders seeking both stability and agility during their exhilarating hydrofoil adventures


Cruiser Wing C018 Sport Wing S011

Front Wing: 935*289*113mm

Front Wing: 747*196*114mm


What's in the Box:

- 1 x WaveShark eFoil Board Explorer Hull

- 1 x WaveShark eFoil Mast (Motor)

- 1 x WaveShark eFoil Battery V2

- 1 x WaveShark eFoil Cruiser Wing Set (C018)

- 1 x WaveShark eFoil Fuseage 

- 1 x WaveShark eFoil Remote Control

- 1 x WaveShark eFoil Charger

- 1 x tool box

 Optional Accessories:

- WaveShark eFoil Sport Wing Set (S011)


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