Our team consists of experts in water sports and technology, currently operating a water sports club in the Netherlands and representing a range of globally leading water sports technology brands. We offer a variety of professional services including equipment sales, rentals, instructional experiences, and after-sales support.

Here are the details of the equipment and services we provide:

Equipment Sales and Rentals:

  • Efoils
  • Electric Jetboards
  • E-Sups
  • Underwater Scooters

Instructional Experiences:

  • Professional water sports coaching
  • Training courses from beginner to advanced levels
  • Personalized instructional programs

After-sales Support:

  • Equipment maintenance and servicing
  • Technical support and consultation
  • Supply of accessories and spare parts
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GEARS and Equipments

In addition to our diverse range of water sports experiences, we also offer sales and experiences of outdoor gear such as action cameras, drones, portable power sources, and more. Combining cutting-edge innovations from around the world, we are dedicated to creating a fulfilling outdoor lifestyle together.

Our outdoor gear includes but is not limited to:

  • Action Cameras: Capture your outdoor adventures and water sports experiences, preserving every thrilling moment.
  • Drones: Film breathtaking aerial footage, exploring vast natural landscapes from a unique perspective.
  • Portable Power Station: Ensure you stay powered up during outdoor activities, fully embracing the outdoor lifestyle.

Whether you're exploring natural landscapes, documenting adventurous journeys, or simply enjoying the outdoors, we provide innovative products and professional services to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us to create unforgettable outdoor experiences together.